Let Me Entertain You: Using The Arts/Theatre/Comedy in Technology

💡 Discovery
📣 Conference

“Engineers are people, too: they like the be entertained”: this has been my mantra while helping build developer communities in the Bay Area as a Developer Evangelist/Advocate. As a former musical theatre actress, I found that many meet-ups, conferences, and events I went to lacked the “entertainment” I was used to consuming “on stage”. Yes, we’re giving highly technical talks, and yes the speakers may not be singing and dancing… but isn’t there a way to make these entertaining? Armed with a theatre, degree, a certificate from Hackbright (an all female software engineering school in SF), and all of the lines/lyrics of Legally Blonde the musical memorized, I set out to make a community events and content that were not only informational, but entertaining as well. In this talk, I’ll walk through the ways you can use art/comedy/theatre to make events and content gamified, entertaining, and engaging to the community. Turns out people like to have fun: who knew?

As an engineer with 20+ years of theatre experience, I never imagined my stage management, prop, costume, and acting skills would be so valuable- but here we are!