IoT Edge to the rescue 🛡️

📱 Mobile & IoT
📣 Conference

The world is moving from processing the data in the Cloud to processing it on the Edge devices. Edge computing helps to break beyond the limitations imposed by, now, traditional cloud solutions. There are a few reasons to that, like privacy concerns, reducing the need for heavy processing resources, reducing the amount of data that is sent over the network – just to mention a few.

In this talk, we will introduce the concept and benefits of Edge Computing, how such devices can be built using affordable hardware and we will look at examples on how IoT Edge devices are in practice as well as comparing Edge Computing with other options.

As a demo, we have automated the manual job of counting the attendance for talks at a conference. We have built a live system while keeping the privacy of the people intact; without leaking faces and identity of the people to a 3rd party or Cloud providers. In addition to standard video processing, we added advanced ML techniques and models to the device to demonstrate the power and flexibility of the Edge devices nowadays.