Deploying and building webthings workshop by Mozilla

📱 Mobile & IoT
💻 Codelab

We will demonstrate Mozilla’s WebThings Gateway, an IoT framework to protect user privacy and security, and to improve cross-brand interoperability. We will also show how to develop and build your own custom “web things” out of microcontroller boards.

Hands-on :

To participate in microcontroller programming using MicroBlocks, come to the workshop with MicroBlocks pre-installed. You can download the installer for your operating system and follow the setup instructions.

Bio :

Ryme Assaad is cofounder & managing partner at Kapstone Co, myiolab and SEFY International

She was a TechWomen fellow 2018 and interned at Mozilla.

She is currently a TechSpeaker and working with the Mozilla Web of Things (WoT) community towards a decentralized Internet of Things with improved standards around security, privacy and interoperability.